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teamvriskan: [ Image: Vriska, left, facing Kanaya, right, about to kiss. ] (pic#3534118)

alternia's top models

team kanaya♥vriska.

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Name:alternia's top models
Website:Homestuck Shipping Olympics
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Community description:Homestuck Shipping Olympics (HSO) 2012 team community for Kanaya♥Vriska.
( iiiiiiiit's alternia's next top models. )
Team community for the good ship Kanaya♥Vriska in the Homestuck Shipping Olympics 2012, a wonderful project run to help promote the creation of fanworks for various ships [canon or not] related to the wonderful comic that is Homestuck.

Feel free to look around, and speak up.
aG: Let's set this ship sailing!!!!!!!! :::;D

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